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Everything was fine with that system, so it was not a problem with the (on-board) Atheros L1 ethernet-card.

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But when I try to open a page on firefox it says I have no internet connection.I have a system with 2 boot drives, Windows 7 Pro and Windows 7 Ultima, both 64 bit.I have an intermittent but annoying problem of lack of internet connection despite good LAN connection on startup of Win 7 across several different computers (all Dell, some desktop, some laptop) and versions of Win 7 and, in fact, using two different LANs.ServeTheHome and ServeThe.Biz Forums. Network says no Internet Access but there is in Windows Server 2012 R2. I think the DNS server has nothing to do with.Afterwards, we created a new system restore point, backed up the registry and restarted.

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As soon as I read it was a McAfee bug I remembered that crucial email.

If you still experience issues, continue to the next Resolution.Just over a week ago, I had to disconnect my PC because of a heavy tropical thunderstorm.I CAN open google on the firefox with an ip address but I CANNOT open anything with a regular address.

Pasted below is a subset of the entire email, with the relevant portion for those of us who can only access the internet after -rebooting.I suspect that windows may use some API delivered in Proset as part of their interface to the wireless function.

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My roomates computer is connecting to the same network and working fine.

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We verified that the new Kaspersky AV (in place of the Norton, at our behest ) she had put in her desktop was updated and such,but now there seems to be this inexplicable problem.I tried all of this but I keep getting error message windows cannot find ipconfig etc all the time help.I actually just bought a 4 port brand new one for the new board and oh yeah.The problem affects both network adapters - ethernet and WIFI.I wanna know the reason behind this error and the way to fix.One in our family has had Windows 7 for a few years now, and has shared via our setup with nary a problem. (Her system: Gateway MS Win 7 home premium 64 bit) That until her Norton allowed the.If anyone has a solution outside of those I have mentioned PLEASE let me know.

I have updated the driver for Atheros and tried most other suggestions that I read in this thread, to no avail.I extracted mine from Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Installation DVD--I found a great tutorial on how to extract files from Windows 7 Installation DVD on.You should be able to open your McAfee Security software by double-clicking on the.

While the McAfee SecurityCenter window is still open, you should request and complete an update successfully by doing the following.Page 1 of 4 - Windows 10 - wifi connects but no internet access - no internet, secured - posted in Networking: Hi all, I am having an issue with wifi on my laptop.

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Finally, I went onto the RealTek site (RealTek makes the Ethernet chips for practically every motherboard out there.This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

I have internet access on my pc but browser is showing dns server not responding.Now honestly that blew my mind and i have had a posting up on this topic for a while. the other thing.Somehow the DNS that is applicable when connected to the VPN was set as the default DNS address.

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I had this same problem and found the cause was in my router.Topic: Help No internet access. the dns server is not responding (Read 763 times).After re-booting our router, factory resetting the router and re-applying all settings.The other options still have not worked as well(or not as well-I should say).

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Wait a couple seconds and then right click the adapter and Enable.Changed DNS to Open DNS, now devices can connect to wifi, but get no internet connection. no internet access, DNS bad config error.

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What is wrong with the system and what can I do to resolve the above.My piece of junk computer has been having the same problem, but the worst part is it is intermittent, without me making any changes.The problem affects chrome, ie, firefox and is the same whether wireless or connected via cable.I was trying to access internet on my Dell E6400 Win 7 via a (Netgear) repeater.Gigabit LAN connection works great, and can connect to all my networked PC, blazing fast speed.Preventive Maintenance Note: Once your system is up and running, create a restore point.For some reason, I decided to reconnect the wired connection.

Kakasubscribe ko lang po sa pldt home fibr, satisfied naman po ko sa connection hanggang sa ayun nga.Similar help and support threads Thread: Forum: Laptop connecting to internet but no internet access (DNS server) My laptop connects to the local network, but it has.It even happens that one computer will have the problem and another not on the same LAN.I was able to fix this by rolling back the Windows update that was installed last night.

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