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Re: site to site vpn tunnel with multiple subnets at one end.Yes, there are three ways to get your VPN on several devices and laptops, Buy a VPN connection and set it up on all of your.

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We have a Cisco ASA providing multiple site tunnels to our clients.Enter the WAN IP address OR the FQDN of the master Sonicwall as the Primary gateway.

An example of how multiple networks display under a VPN policy follows.Unfortunately, once I do that, and while I do get 3 green bullets next to each subnet under the VPN page on the SonicWall I can no longer ping to any remote subnets (even the one that was previously working).

The LOCAL name is the firewall name on the LOCAL machine, PEER ID is the firewall name on the remote firewall.Now, switch yourself over to the other Sonicwall and repeat the same steps with the following differences.

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Between the modem and router or between the router and machine(s).Cyberoam facilitates VPN failover by allowing you to set multiple remote endpoints for a single IPSec connection.I originally followed your guide and linked two of the offices together, and today I was tackling adding a third to the mix.These two items in place should force all traffic from the remote site to route over the VPN tunnel and out to the Internet via the central site GATEWAY IP.Once you KNOW things are working you can start to cut in the security services.Generally, when you have a condition such as you describe, you have not set up DNS correctly on the remote site as you have proven that traffic flows correctly across the VPN.Log in with your email address and your Barracuda Campus, Barracuda Cloud.Question: do you see the 9 subnets showing up individually in the VPN listing.

But, if you have not properly described the subnets at each end of the tunnel via your VPN config then you will have trouble accessing devices across the tunnel.I have my local network setup to be and my client side is

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Finally, if you get nowhere and have Sonicwall support then best bet is to open a case with them and, if you have to, push hard for it to go to second or even third-tier support.There is not any traffic flowing through this connection most of the time.

However, you may want to check the number of VPN tunnels that your proposed SonicWall device supports - I believe that each machine that connects over the VPN will be a new tunnel even though the connections are over the same site-to-site link (not 100% sure of this).Yes, Vyatta will support multiple site-to-site VPN connections using IPsec.We have two separate internet connections so I tested the site to site tunnel and got it to work using your instructions.Only thing I suggest is that you ensure the firmware on both units is at the same level or a s close as possible.

If you are need to set DNS on the scope to look at your domain DNS servers at the central site.The tunnel is up when both Sonicwalls display the green ball icon on the VPN policy.

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Now I have to change my MX records to point to the public IP address of my Master SonicWall.You could implement a Site-to-Site VPN for multiple sites using a software endpoint on a VM in Azure (such as RRAS).We set this up on the Networks portion of each policy and bound the policies to the LAN subnets at each end.

The first option I can interact with is Authentication Method.

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Your local devices have to go to the correct gateway in order to access the VPN.I am not 100% sure but my theory is that since my Exchange server does not use the SonicWall as the default gateway it was sending information through its gateway which does not communicate to the Master SonicWall through VPN.I find the easiest and fastest way is to use the procedure that Sonicwall recommends when one of the VPN gateway Sonicwalls receives its WAN address via DHCP even if both of your gateway devices have static addresses.Is it difficult to set up a site-to-site VPN and access resources across a VPN with identical subnets.Then the default routing config on the remote Sonicwall should then handle the access from the laptop to the Internet.Also, very importantly, make sure that only ONE side of the VPN has the IPSEC Primary Gateway IP entered (this will be the firewall that initiates the connection, the other side should have entered for the gateway.

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You have to clearly define all the subnets that you want seen on each end of the tunnel so this usually means you have to create an address group object then include the subnets in that object.On both machines reconfirm that the SHARED SECRET is entered the same on both.