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During a live stream on Twitch today, Pearl Abyss announced exciting new content for their award-winning MMORPG, Black Desert Online.NCsoft is going to release the full content of 4 years Blade and Soul in Korea within this year in the west.Further more tools like WTFast activate some Windows functions like the nagle algorithm which improves TCP IP package sending.Kakao Games and Bluehole Announce New MMORPG Code-Named Project W.The Margoria Expansion Comes to Black Desert Online January 25.The Kunoichi, who specializes in rapidly deflecting enemy attacks, similarly gains new offensive powers in the Sah Chakram.

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You will not attempt to buy, sell or trade NCoin or items from the Hongmoon Store.

Assassin Blade Dancer Blade Master Destroyer Force Master Kung-Fu Master Summoner.I just wanted to know do you guys use a vpn to play blade and soul and if you do does it make it better like less latency and what do you.Doing Spiral Labyrinth 6man with guildies on Blade and Soul CN.There is no release date yet but it should arrive in Korea this summer.

Bersikap baik kepada user lain, hormati sesama, gunakan etika, dan laporkan segala user yang mengganggu tanpa membuat keributan 2.The only way i can make it work so far is to use VPN to connect to another network like a.If you plan to play in korea after OBT you can think about getting one.There are currently six confirmed playable classes for the Western versions.

Well i can read probably about 40-45% of whats on screen lol (half Korean) its just that when i do a ping test to korea without a vpn i got 500ms and when i tried it with a JP vpn i got it down to 254 but that vpn will disconnect alot.Do not create new clan threads over and over to advertise the same clan.

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The Margoria Expansion will be made available to existing Black Desert Online players for free.

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Not sure if this can actually be done, but i seriously think we need to put an IP ban on Indonesia and other far away countries that play on the NA servers.It is the new version of Lab and still learning about it.:3 Pretty fun though and needs a lot of.Blade And Soul North America Release Confirmed: Popular Asian MMO Hitting U.S. This Winter.Moderators may delete or hide posts without warning if the post was not worth writing a warning for.This does not include mods or tools that do not break Dojo rules.

You will not post mods or tools that could be used to give you an advantage over other players (i.e. speedhacks).If you find a post or thread that you believe needs to be moderated, use the report function.Ping via windows command and ping ingame usually are incomparable so it will say nothing.I wont get to deep into it here but if youre intrested in what it does simply click this link to wikipedia.

A defensive force to be reckoned with, the Valkyrie excels at withstanding high-power attacks while supporting her allies with special buffs.Your appeal will be discussed by the Dojo staff members before a decision is made.In other words: after 3 days of trial, you will have to pay for the latency fix.In this brand new mode, adventurers must use their strength, weapons and skills to defend the island from waves of attacking monsters.

You will not post images containing additional data such as embedded sounds or documents.Sure its not like playing in your own country but you can feel 230 ms.

You will not beg NCSoft staff, Curse staff, Dojo staff or Dojo members for gifts, keys, NC Coins, etc unless participating in a specific giveaway.Black Desert is coming to Steam, but you have to create a new Account for it.In addition, you can buy several aesthetic and convenience items.This Hanbiton.com account work Granado Espada, Hell gate, World in Audition.

Topics and posts may be edited or altered by Dojo staff members due to bad formatting.

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You will not submit mods that require users to bypass GameGuard, nor will you that teach users how to bypass GameGuard.Borderline posts should be hidden with spoiler tags to maintain a SFW (safe-for-work) environment.In addition, all Black Desert Online players can receive an extra character slotfrom the loyalty shop at practically no cost (1 loyalty) and the maximum amount of character slots is extended to 13 to support the additional class.Today we finally want to answer one of your questions: It will not be free, nor will you need a subscription to play.

How To Make a Blade and Soul Account PLUS English Patch. of making a Blade and Soul account for the.For me for example there are two german servers sucking alot of my ms.You will not impersonate Dojo staff, Curse staff or NCSoft staff.Every server sucks some ms for responding to you and sending your packet to the next server.However, NCSOFT has stated that if the community shows enough interest they will reconsider.