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Re: Transformers Robots in Disguise: Decepticon Island Showdown Set - In Hand ( 1819132 ).Re: Transformers Robots in Disguise: Decepticon Island Showdown Set - In Hand ( 1818871 ).Things escalate when Springload gets his hands on it, hoping that the sphere will finally lead him to the mythical city of Doradus.An exciting leveled reader featuring Transformers Robots in Disguise.Now, a panic-stricken Russell has to race against time to rescue them.Meanwhile, Bumblebee is banished and trapped within the Shadowzone.Re: Transformers Robots in Disguise: Decepticon Island Showdown Set - In Hand ( 1818878 ).

Repeat Transformers: Robots in Disguise: All Decepticon Island (Part 1) Clips.While helping Strongarm to apprehend Sideswipe, Bumblebee gets a vision of Optimus Prime that draws him back to Earth with Strongarm and Sideswipe along for the ride.Transformers: Robots in Disguise app works with select iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices. Decepticon Island Showdown Features.We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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Re: Transformers Robots in Disguise: Decepticon Island Showdown Set - In Hand ( 1818840 ).The Decepticon captured by Ratchet goes conspicuously unidentified.New In Hand Images of Transformers: The Last Knight Infernocus and Quintessa 27,133 views.Bumblebee continues to chase after Overload with Grimlock and Strongarm not too far behind, while Optimus and his group continue to pursue Polarclaw and battle against the elements in the Arctic.Unaware that Grimlock hides a serious injury, Bumblebee and the team make their way to the ocean in pursuit of an escaped aquatic Decepticon named Octopunch, who retreats to a Cybertronian spacecraft to activate its engines and leave Earth.

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Bumblebee, trying to prove that he can be as cool as Sideswipe and his intern Blurr, struggles to lead the Autobots against two Stunticons who stole a trailer full of Cybertronian weapons.

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Transformers: Robots In Disguise: Episode 2x12 - Decepticon Island (1): After the two teams are reunited, the Autobots get support from an old friend, and begin the.Slipstream and Jetstorm accidentally expose Drift to danger when attempting to prove that they can work effectively without their teacher, as the Away Team battles Stockade and his troops.Re: Transformers Robots in Disguise: Decepticon Island Showdown Set - In Hand ( 1818855 ).

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Denny and the Autobots are captured by a murderous, vampire Deception called Nightstrike in the cave system outside Crown City who brings their worst fears to life by his sonic scream.

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A lot of the torpedo minicons share the same transformation while having completely new parts, so they could just share engineering, as was said, and it is not too uncommon.After his reckless actions cause the Sharkticon scientist, Ragebyte to go free, Sideswipe works to capture him in fear of being replaced by the Rescue Bot Blurr.Denny tries to repair him, but it goes horribly wrong, wakes his guard program and converts Fixit into a fully weaponized and lethal prison guard who mistakes the Bee Team for Decepticon fugitives.

Later, they are joined by Drift, with his Minicon pupils Slipstream and Jetstorm, and Windblade.You know how the initial ones had this sparkly plastic with a slight metallic sheen.Following their arrival on Earth, the three of them are tasked with capturing Decepticons who were released from their stasis pods when their prison ship, the Alchemor, crash landed.It comes with two Warrior Class figures, Bumblebee and Steeljaw, whom are unfortunately no different than when the line first debuted.Rumoured First Set Images from Transformers Bumblebee 2018 Movie 22,970 views.After taking down a Skunkticon named Zorillor, the Bee Team discovers a mysterious sphere that alters the minds of any Cybertronian in its vicinity, turning the Autobots against one another.

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In-Hand Images of Takara Tomy Transformers TLK-EX Dark Optimus 22,055 views.They eventually engage in a brawl with him, but they unwittingly endanger two humans, Denny Clay and his son Russell.

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Re: Transformers Robots in Disguise: Decepticon Island Showdown Set - In Hand ( 1819584 ).Optimus is weakened when Micronus suddenly strips him of the power of the Primes.After using a Space Bridge to arrive on Earth, they discover a lone Chompazoid called Underbite.

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A freak combiner accident causes Sideswipe to split into two individuals, causing problems when the Bee Team tries to take in Dragstrip, who has acquired a gravitic adjuster.Re: Transformers Robots in Disguise: Decepticon Island Showdown Set - In Hand ( 1818794 ).

Drift returns to Earth in pursuit of a disgruntled, runaway Jetstorm, who left without reason.Scotty said that the plastic here is more of the matte kind which doesnt have that extra sparkle.

And seeing the similarities between this pod and the CR Chamber make me kinda want it.Even further back than that with Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, and Bumper.Grimlock acquires uncontrollable Super Speed, which proves to be a problem when the Autobots have to deal with a revenge-minded Simacore and his army of Mini-Con clones.Established June 2000. is owned by Ryan Yzquierdo.Stuck in the wrong bodies, the team is called on a mission to defeat the Stunticons in a road race.

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The first season, consisting of 26 episodes, concluded with the revival of Optimus.The Autobots learn that their enemies have gathered into an army.

Transformers Robots in Disguise: Decepticon Island Showdown Set - In Hand.Grimlock begs to learn new fighting methods from reluctant teacher Drift and puts them into action when the Autobots travel to the Antarctic to battle the Decepticon Crustacion who has been unfrozen from a melting glacier.As Russell nervously tries befriending the neighborhood kids playing football, Fixit, who wishes to get his first field assignment gets in over his head when it comes to catching the combiner Decepticon prisoner Chop Shop, who plans to construct a spaceship to take-off the Earth and wreak havoc.