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Learn how to delete your YouTube history if what you have watched or searched for in the past is. you can delete searches individually by clicking the three dots.How do you delete the things that you have searched on. word that you want to delete as you have said. the things that you have searched.

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This tutorial details how to delete file explorer search history in Windows 10.

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Select the search items or web addresses you wish to delete from the history.

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You can choose your Google Toolbar settings, including your language, turn off tracking your search history,.Have you ever found the search history helpful to revisit something you were looking for in the past.How to Delete Twitter Searches. you might sometimes want to delete saved searches to prevent those users from being able to see your previous search queries.

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How To Remove Search History From Your Facebook Activity Log once you install Facebook Graph Search, you cannot delete it.After you search for something once in your Gmail. or reflections of past searches you have made.Check out this How To guide for cleaning up the list, or just limiting what information Facebook is storing about you.

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How to Delete Your Facebook Search History on a PC. or just remove irrelevant or unwanted search items, you can delete your search history on Facebook.How to delete facebook search history: 1. In the comments below, let us know if you plan to delete your Facebook search history, or if you find it useful.To protect your privacy, you can delete one or all of your search terms. 1. Go to the Google home page,.

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How To Delete Your Google History Permanently. you need to type the initial letters of the search you want to delete in the search bar.Learn how to delete Facebook Graph Search History with this video.

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Here we will show you how to delete messages from Spotlight Search without resetting iPhone. How to Delete Spotlight Search Messages with PhoneClean.

Do you think Facebook should save all of your search queries.You may also wish to delete your YouTube Viewing and Search.

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Google now allows you to download an archived list of everything you have ever searched for.

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