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Because IP is supposed to run over just about any layer-2 protocol,.UDP provides no guarantees to the upper layer protocol for message delivery and the UDP layer retains no state of UDP messages once sent.VOIP - TCP or UDP I always thought it was UDP, but my Todd Lammle states Voice traffic uses TCP.UDP uses a simple connectionless transmission model with a minimum of protocol mechanism.

The pseudo header is not the real IPv4 header used to send an IP packet, it is used only for the checksum calculation.These buffers fill up to their capacity and packets are then dropped, and TCP notices this drop through the lack of a received acknowledgement, and throttles the speed of the connection to estimation of the capacity.

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Browse other questions tagged networking tcp udp or ask your own question.IIRC, TIBCO makes heavy use of UDP for notification of state change.

And then, you can use UDP to build your own TCP replacements, of.One of the best answer I know of for this question comes from user zAy0LfpBZLC8mAC at Hacker News.In fact, there are now user-land TCP stacks that can be used so that the application writer may have finer grained control over the resources needed for that TCP state.

In general, you want the answer to be in one response packet, and you are prepared to implement your own protocol for reliability or to resend.Used in SNMP as network management must often be done when the network is in stress i.e. when reliable, congestion-controlled data transfer is difficult to achieve.He has over three years of experience in teaching MS Office applications, networking courses and GCE courses in Information Technology.The skeptical reader will rightly question whether we implemented everything correctly.Why UDP is Better. Changes to the software on the server side are made over time as well,...

It is simple, suitable for bootstrapping or other purposes without a full protocol stack, such as the DHCP and Trivial File Transfer Protocol.It is transaction-oriented, suitable for simple query-response protocols such as the Domain Name System or the Network Time Protocol.We have to handle all of the issues imposed by UDP (packet loss, packet doubling, packet order, etc.) already mentioned in other answers.

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The differences between them explained and how to choose the best one for your needs.Stack Overflow is a community of 7.4 million programmers, just like you, helping each other.Categories: Internet protocols Internet Standards Transport layer protocols Hidden categories: All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from July 2012 Pages using RFC magic links Use dmy dates from January 2012 Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers.A bit more information on that last point, for anyone that comes along.

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Another case is when you are managing a tremendous amount of state and you want to avoid using TCP because the OS cannot handle that many sessions.The value of the Next Header field is the protocol value for UDP: 17.

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In those cases, UDP is also appropriate (e.g. Internet radio, order is important but not every packet needs to get through).TCP and UDP both are used for transferring data or packets on the internet.UDP (User Datagram Protocol) is an alternative to TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) that sends datagrams over an IP (Internet Protocol).UDP checksum offload is available just like TCP checksum offload.

So your software has the additional overhead of parsing bytes back into usable chunks of data, that can take a fair amount of overhead.It is stateless, suitable for very large numbers of clients, such as in streaming media applications such as IPTV.

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Network Ports Used by DNS. Messages are sent over UDP and DNS.What are the differences between using IPSec over UDP or IPSec over TCP.I set the number of records to return with each individual client request to be 1, 10, and then 100 (three test runs with each protocol).By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.The PCs have no connection with DB backend, all access is via the web service.If it gets lost along the way, the server will re-request the lost part.Both TCP and UDP generate special headers to package data sent over IP networks.

Since UDP does not involve connection establishment, there fore applications like DNS where connection establishment delays needs to be avoided, UDP is preferred over TCP.The only case I can think of where UDP is required is for broadcast protocols.

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Both TCP and UDP are protocols used for sending bits of data—known as packets—over the Internet.