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I am just asking because the posting date was in 2012 and I saw different settings suggested somewhere else.

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However, it reports: Connection status: No Incoming Connections.Works great, also while uTorrent already has. not working for.

For anyone looking to simply download torrents anonymously, you might give BTGuard a go.We should setup a test torrent with multiple peers working together to. (but not PIA to.

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Edit: As I post this it finally works again after hours of not letting me connect.btguard socks authentication error p Virutal machine overstack over flow error font Why does Vuse not work font Why won't uTorrent. btguard not working...

Users can also set up their own client to work with BTGuard besides.The VPN settings are set to simple, and the username and password are those generated for me in the Client Control Panel. stolen scooter registry

Use btguard for anonymous browsing under windows 7. password as provided by btguard.If you use the Socks5 proxy, no torrent client can accept incoming connections.I have just subscribed to BTGuard and then downloaded uTorrent.Of course, as more and more ISPs decide to throttle or otherwise interfere with BitTorrent traffic, BTGuard also provides a way to mitigate these upcoming threats by sending your traffic via an encrypted tunnel.

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Besides using the pre-configured client, users can also setup their own client to work with BTGuard.Im not sure what the difference between proxy and vpn is or what they really are.Anyway, I understand that when I connect to PIA via the VPN I am provided with an anonymous IP address as well as having all my internet communications encrypted, while a Proxy on the other hand does not provide encryption.That would essentially be my way of confirming DHT connectivity.

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I have seen many people ask about this, but every time it is asked, it is ignored.It was still showing my ip address until i did the OpenVPN setup.

For more information in regards to changing settings and enabling port-forwarding check this page out.

Hi, The proxy does not support incoming connections, i.e. you will not be connectable when using the proxy.


Use proxy for hostname lookups and Use proxy for peer-to-peer connections are also selected.When it is not connected to the BTGuard proxy server, it works fine.Also, as it is when your subscription ends you would lose access to the forums if they were not separate.I just dont wanna have to stop downloading torrents.the icon n my computer for the openvpn is asking for a user name and password but nothing works so im not sure if its even connected. im really really confused here.

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I am trying to do this on the mac version of utorrent - v1.8.4, the most recent one - and have.

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Restarting utorrent always fixed this for me, after a utorrent restart, the torrents previously loaded via magnet links started working within 30 seconds.Between those two things, I had enough of utorrent. qbittorrent has been downloading fine with PIA socks5, even with the strictest privacy settings, but seeding is a whole other issue.We briefly tested the download speeds from Europe and were able to pretty much max out our connection, with an occasional downswing.

Services like these are a thorn in the side of anti-piracy outfits because they make it impossible to track down infringing users.As other users have mentioned, killing and restarting uTorrent solve the problem.That is entirely up to you, it will provide you with no extra benefit given that you are using the VPN. at WI. BTGuard - Anonymous BitTorrent Services

On VPN, if I start the download on VPN, it will continue to seed after it finishes, and I get no incoming listening error: access denied problems, but the torrents that finished before I was on VPN, never seed.

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In addition, BTGuard also includes encryption tunnel software for the real security purists.