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I did a speed check this week using Speakeasy, and I pulled a whopping 0.13 Mbps down and 0.06 Mbps up.Compressed as a group, 271KiB - server would prob be somewhere between those two (repetitive headers as the spec mentions and such), so, text or html e-mails are prob more like 300 for a megabyte.Keep in mind, the Phones are mainly just used for Facebook and snapchat.My Internet speed is now 12mbps why does it only seem a little.Bandwidth is key when it comes to speed and reliability, I currently have Charter Internet running at 55 Mbps with 2 smart TVS 1 laptop 5 cell phone devices and 2 Wifi HD Cameras.We live on the streaming movies and tv shows at least 8 to 10 hours a day everyday.Hinton: About 98 percent of the people I work with have Internet from a cable provider.It also seems the only way I can get a response from Customer Service any more is to call them out in public forum threads.

On the second floor there will be 3 tvs: 1 with an apple tv (netflix), 2 with amazon fire sticks (netflix).

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I would still have to wait until I am home to download apps, update them, view videos, and other data intensive things.

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Test bandwidth speed accurately with this powerful download speed test.The longer you are from your router, the slower, if you are able to connect your device to the modem, all of your devices are sharing speed, putting your router in the middle of your house is reccomended, though you best hope that it can reach the 2nd floor of your house.

When it comes to the Internet, wires are like tan lines: Some people prefer not to have them.I have 6 guys living in an apartment, each has a phone and a laptop, plus a PS4 and 2 tablets.

I assumed that navigation would always need to have data turned on.Three are smartphones and can use a considerable amount of data.

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In a household with three adults 2 teenagers and 2 younger kids on internet all the time watching videos TV and playing games how much data do u think I would need would 6000 mb be enough.Internet Speed Up latest version: Are you fed up of waiting for web pages to load.Utilize our full list of highly rated pros and categories instead: Join for Free, or Sign In.Back in 2011 my internet speed was only 786 kgbs and I had no problems using my kindle.Consistently rated among the fastest high speed Internet providers in North America.

While I generally agree with you, in the past when signals have been marginal, I have needed to torn off 3G data to stop the phone from trying 3G and consuming the battery.So if you always have people online same time I might try looking into maybe finding a ISP with more than 50MBps.Most other carriers require a large plan before they will even give you tethering, and then they add a hefty charge on top of that for the tethering.I have a few estimates on data usage that you can use for comparison.

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What speed is the best and should I get 1 0 2 modem that will enable me to be wireless.Enlisted: 2011-10-25. 2013-12-18 19:13 im at 15mbps never had a problem, though i know its a little low.A 10Mb Internet connection offers a high-speed, high-reliability solution with many features and benefits like more bandwidth, dedicated connection, easy integration.

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This is my second month with Ting and I have 4 phones on the plan.I have netgear currently and I have been stuck using my computer in the same room or hooked up to the ethernet to run.