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HBO Go is a premium cable channel has started a new service where you can buy full HBO subscriptions without having to pay for cable connection.

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Although they better start beta testing soon otherwise I foresee serious technical difficulties.For all the talk about television networks and cable providers jumping into the 21st century with apps for accessing premium entertainment on the go.The beauty of Netflix is that the programming is available without the need to buy a core cable package.

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I have recently purchased an Apple TV and am planning on canceling my cable.

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Has WB, Fox and Universal into the next decade, as well as Summit.

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HBO has built a robust and popular online presence over the past couple of years with its app, HBO GO.

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Westworld with Sir Anthony Hopkins, and Colin Farrel and Vince Vaughn will join next season of True Detective.OR Add the channel to your Roku player to start your free trial.

Showtime is now available as a standalone online streaming service so viewers can watch without a cable subscription.Bulk of their earnings come from Internet and home phone subscribers.The Hollywood Sign is a trademark and intellectual property of Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.You say 40% is only interested in watching the silly movie line-up you have.Time Warner is warming to the idea of selling standalone subscriptions to HBO Go. Get HBO Without Paying For Cable. The Huffington Post by HBO.That will take it a little above what HBO likely charges the MVPDs.

HBO is going after the streamers that are already out there and not getting their service.

HBO Canada is home to celebrated HBO original series, films,...In 2015 a standalone, over-the-top HBO Go service will launch in the the U.S, HBO Chairman and CEO Richard Plepler just confirmed, in a move that had been in the wind for some time.

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Or how about you just make subscribing to your channel cheaper.The Cheapest (Legal) Way To Get HBO Go Without The. standalone HBO Go (sans cable).


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SIGN UP ON YOUR DEVICE Download the app to your device to start your free trial.

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Cable companies hardly make any money from your TV subscription.Users are more likely to continue subscribing — especially millennials.I heard a company called Tilted Globle was already building a platform for companies like this to use.

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If they roll it out in time for the Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere it will be a HUGE success.Looking forward to this, was bummed when the app came out on Xbox and no way to watch unless you let the cable company gouge you.Serve the customer by giving them everything they want, how they want it, in one place.

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I believe, that Americans, as a free people, have right to pay for what they want, but not what they want plus what Cable wants.HBO GO. The network launched HBO GO three years ago, allowing its more than 6 million registered users to watch such shows as Game of Thrones and Girls on.Doubtful HBO alone going to streaming will move millions to streaming.Watch FREE for 1 month Watch FREE for 1 month All commercial free.

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