How to hide an app on the iphone

Drag it down towards the dock and out of the folder. Now let go.

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Although there are ways to hide notifications on your device.

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Third, a simple way to hide apps on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and.

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There are tons of guides and tutorials out there that show you how to hide photos on your iPhone.

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This way you will be free from all those garbage apps as well you can easily hide the apps which you do not want others to see.The only drawback of this method is that you need to restart your iPhone if you want to make the apps visible which could be a bugger if you are planning on hiding the app as your wish.

Ideally, Apple would include a feature within its iOS for iPhone and iPad that would make it easy for us to hide our apps.

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The reasons behind hiding the apps on your iPhone are innumerable however, the following steps will provide you with a clean and easy way to hide your iPhone apps.The easiest way to hide apps on iPhone is to drag all the applications you want to hide to a separate screen and just leave them there.

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Are you tired of looking at the stock iOS apps that you never use.You can move the apps you want to hide to distant Home screen pages so that they are not immediately visible. You can.

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I followed your step by step instructions properly and now i can easily hide those.

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iOS 8 lets you easily hide photos and App Store purchases

There could be possibly many reasons why you would want to hide apps on iPhone.