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Email is not used to transmit information provided by users, such as part of ticketing conversations.

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We ask our clients not to use US and UK servers for torrents and we try to block trackers on these servers.General connection logs are stored on a secure server for 7 days to solve network issues if there are any.

In order to maintain our top notch service, troubleshoot any performance issues and protect the service from getting abused, we log only the duration of VPN connections, bandwidth consumed and VPN server connected.For each user we keep only number of sessions, and bandwidth use (uploaded and downloads).

We only save a token which is a system to system key and it does not link any card data to our customers.Between 1360 and 1641, it was the name of coins worth 1 livre tournois and.

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We currently provide DNS servers in 8 different regions for increased redundancy and improved query speeds.The main reason we retain this data is to prevent fraud and abuse.This security does not affect the regular VPN usage in any bad way.Our users are given the encryption options of Strong, Light and None.

Due to not logging or monitoring any traffic it would be impossible for us to know if any user were to be engaging any specific kinds of activity on our service.We prefer to deal with trustworthy Tier-3 (PCI-DSS) data centers and providers to ensure reliable service with high security.

In the database we only store the details users give us on sign-up and a limited backlog of basic payment information (no PSP processor TX-IDs).

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There are no third parties involved in our setup which is run out of Sweden.For example, to work around issues where the police ruffles up the support staff a bit to get data for an abuse report.Having a warrant canary or not, the customer still has to trust the provider for using the service.These are hosted at data centers as needed to provide the geo-located services our clients want.

This information contains IP address, connection start and end time, protocol used (including port) and amount of data transferred.Each week we pull together the news and advice on keeping yourself safe and secure.We only store billing information which the payment processor or bank or credit card issuer has.Aber ich bin faul geworden, seit ich mit PureVPN arbeite, es geht einfach zu leicht.Clients can open confidential tickets if they are having any problems.For a valid request IPredator then has to hand over the subscription information entered by you, which is all that we are required to do.Additionally, we do not monitor what activity users do when using our services, regardless of the service used (VPN, HTTP, SOCKS5, Smart DNS Proxy).

FedEx Cross Border offers simple, secure e-commerce technology that creates a more localized online checkout experience for your international customers.Nobody will be able to decrypt it before the whole universe collapses.NordVPN is a great VPN provider which ensures customer privacy, fast VPN connection and wide use opportunities.We then confirm P2P is not being used on servers where P2P is not allowed.These methods provide the highest levels of anonymity for users.There are limited cases when our technical team had to decrease the connection speed because of torrenting.

All Canadian VPN servers are owned and controlled by our company.An internal transaction ID is used to link payments to their payment processors.All servers are remotely administered by our team only, no outsourcing.However, in order to avoid abuses that may occur during the 6-hour trial we record and keep for 7 days the time, date and location VPN connection was made, connection duration and bandwidth used during the connection.Soon we will be able to accept Bitcoins and process the payments via some national payment systems.

The VPN connection stays up fine but frequently, traffic will stop running over the VPN.Our IPSEC IKEv2 VPN servers use Suite B cryptographic algorithms.For those who would like to keep a low profile we accept BitCoin, LiteCoin, WebMoney, Perfect Money, PaySafeCard, CashU, Ukash.We only log the user authentication on the network, the P2P activity and the SMTP activity (to avoid any kind of abuse).We vet all datacenter relationships prior to engaging in business, and regularly re-evaluate them to assure security practices, personnel, and policies are established, trained, and enforced.These logs are regularly recycled and destroyed automatically.Since we use Shared IPs on our servers, and do not log activity, it is very hard, if not impossible, to know what a user is doing.Our servers are outsourced, but we have complete remote control of our servers in US, UK, Netherlands and Romania.

Offenses penalized by anything less than prison time do not qualify for such a request.We recommend using Bitcoins for the most anonymity a payment method could offer.