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Still, we are not trying to configure your network but get you into the Admin page. Best case is either they get you up and running or get you a new Linksys.

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Log into the admin page of the wireless router that you want to convert to an access point.

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There is only 1 line in, which should copme from the router, which gives the access point its ip address.

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So connect the AP and your PC into a switch and connect from there.Hi Jean, I know that there is an option, on the administration page, which allow or block admin access through the wireless interface, try to change it.

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Linksys Smart Wi-Fi makes a. the password is requested on captive portal web page.

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A recent article pointed out that Linksys and Belkin routers.

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Two Methods to Reset the Linksys WRT54GL. password is admin.

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No worries, you can just restore the software on the EA6500 to its default state to get the default password back.

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With a paperclip or something else thin and pointy, press down on the.How to Access wireless router admin page. but when i enter the default gateway to my browser i cant access my router admin page.

The router user name and password will revert to the default of admin as the user.

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The Linksys PAP2 is a reliable inexpensive telephone adapter that works with.Linksys EA3500 router setup using Cisco connect: Use the Cisco connect software for the initial Linksys router.Risk Assessment — Backdoor in wireless DSL routers lets attacker reset router, get admin A quick Christmas hack uncovers a vulnerability in Linksys, Netgear, others.

As mentioned before, Linksys company introduced this IP as the default.Go to the Linksys Configuration online site: If you have already been there before, sign in.

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I have no problem to assign static IP address to the adapter.

Linksys E2000 Table of Contents Advanced Wireless-N Router ii Contents Chapter 1: Product Overview 4. page 8 and Guest Access, page 13 for more information.

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Make sure all the cables are still attached and then turn the router around back to its normal position.