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How to Install New OS on a Mobile Phone. The operating system determines which functions, software and applications are applicable for your device.

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After rooting an Android phone, you can switch the operating system ROM whenever you want.In this video i will be showing you how to change you standard android user interphase to a Iphone like IOS GUI.

Friend purchased Samsung phone in China and the OS has Google blocked.

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The only OS change you might have availible to you is to gain root, unlock your bootloader and instal a custom android.

How to add, change, or delete users in Android Lollipop This feature makes it easy to share an Android device with others, as everyone gets their own home screen.Installing Windows 8 on your Android tablet will allow you to use applications exclusive to Microsoft Windows, while.

The tweaking and choice is one of the good reasons to go Android over iPhone 5 Reasons To Choose Android Over iPhone.

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When deciding whether to get an iPad or something else, you first need to decide on an OS.

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A small editing of the build.prop will help you change the device name and the Android version you run.

Along with new features and capabilities, Android 5.0 includes a variety of system changes and API behavior changes.How to Change the Home Screen Launcher on Your Android Device.Learn from this tutorial how to change the display language of any Android device to any other language.There are few handsets that will let you change the OS, best example being the HTC HD2 which came with Windows Mobile 6.5 but could have Android installed on it that.

% Due to Android 7.0's security enhancement, OS Monitor won't support Android 7.0 and following version % OS Monitor is a tool for monitoring your Android...

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Do you know how to upgrade the version of Android on your tablet.

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There will be a part 2 to this tutorial to show how to change things like messaging app, notifications app and more to look like IOS so if ur looking forward to that plz subscribe.

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