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When i try to make my gMail account i provide everything right but it say your user name or password is wrong.Incoming mail server for Gmail is pop3 and Google outgoing mail server.IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is a method of accessing and storing mail on a mail server.

Most companies that host exchange or pop services require custom incoming and outgoing server settings to be implemented in order for email to flow properly.

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The iPhone Mail client is a rich HTML email client that retrieves your email in the background while.

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Set Up E-mail on an iPhone. Address in the User Name field under the Incoming Mail Server.

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Google has recently added IMAP as an available protocol for their GMail.Where could I find my incoming e-mail server type, incoming mail server and.If you are setting up a Microsoft Exchange, MobileMe, Gmail,. (iPhone) Incoming Mail Server (POP3): Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):.

Change Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server Port Settings on iPhone and iPad.

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I have ATT for my email and it is a for incoming email.Connection to outgoing server Incoming Mail Server: Host Name: emails using my Gmail account through the iPhone Mail.Incoming Server Settings can be edited by following this path.Here you can edit the server port number by tapping the value next to Server Port.

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Here, you can Edit the Incoming Server Port Number by tapping the value next to Server Port.

We are frequently asked how to change server port number in an iphone or ipad.

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