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I expect it will work fine close up but test it close up first and then move onto your room.I noticed that you said you bought a new Macbook and it is having the same problem.Then take a look at your vonage phones and see if they are 2.4ghz. If they are, you need to swap them if you can for a phone that uses a different frequency.

It could be that she is using a static IP address but for the moment, based on your post, I think your laptop has a problem.You run this program once, put in the name of the network you want to connect to, your password, etc and then save it.DECT phones in theory are available at other frequencies so if you go this route, be sure and read on the box to makes sure the phone you are looking at broadcasts at 1.9ghz. Anything else is likely to cause you problems.Hi I am having problems with my internet connection dropping every day, usually around 2-3 times per day.After I updated my computer to Windows 10 Pro 64-bit from Win8.1 this has started to happen.Most of the time, rolling back to the original firmware is not a problem but only Linksys could tell you for sure.N products have been out for years but for whatever reason, the products differ slightly and therefore are not always compatible with other N devices much less B and G products.

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We have always been fine all over the house having up to 2 laptops and 3 games consoles connected at the same time with perfect connection.I would also turn the phone over and disconnect the phone line that plugs into the phone jack.You have 1 router for 2 notebooks and it has worked well for years.As far as router installations go, most are pretty much plug n play.If comcast installed your network and you bought the router at a Best Buy or something, then you should go to the linksys website to get the update.Most of the time, I am using only one computer at any rate, only when my wife goes online at the same time do we use both computers.Couple of things about upgrading (or downgrading) firmware on routers.If not, then you might have to try updating the router firmware.

If I were sitting at your PC, I could figure it out as I go but if you have a Netgear card, this netgear card would have this screen, this netgear card would have an entirely different screen, etc.Our modem is from a local telephone company called Natco and is called a zoom.Their connection seems to drop, sometimes after a short time or even a day or two.Erroneous information or lack of information can really extend the time it takes to resolve issues such as these.If I unplugged and plugged the router back in, it would work for 5-10 minutes, and then drop again with the exact same problem.If all goes well there, then its time to switch to wireless mode.WEP is commonly used because it is fairly straightforward to configure and on some network devices, WPA is more difficult to configure.It should come back up and reconnect to the network automatically.

Assuming it connects and stays connected, now plug in your XP desktop and power it up.If your connection stays connected, then you have just eliminated the incoming dsl signal and the dsl modem.However, the two PCs ( one on WinXP Pro with USB Wireless Adaptor, the other on Vista Ultimate with an internal wireless PCIe card ) keep disconnecting periodically from the wireless network for no apparent reason, and the only way to get them to connect again is via a reboot.

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Your goal is to get your PC back the way it was before the Torrent software was installed.If you are using dhcp on your router, you need to configure your PC for dhcp as well even if the static ip address is somewhat working at the moment.So, in summary, check out the dsl modem wan light connection when the signal drops.Just making sure you understand I am NOT talking about your cell phone.The Local Area Connection, connects back instantly and then my Wireless Network Connection disconnects, and reconnects back at the same speed.

Connect back up your ethernet cable from your PC to your router.If you can not connect to any website at all, unplug the Ethernet cable, reboot your pc and do a hard reset on your router.

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First, I STRONGLY SUGGEST you connect hardwired (with a cable) before you start this process.One is your internet service providers network and two, your environment.

Assuming all this is true, you need to leave your PC connected wirelessly for a few hours to see if your connection drops.There is no problem when these 3 computers are using the wireless network.As always, troubleshooting is going to be a matter of eliminating things.If it has an antenna on the back of the PC, chances are it has an internal network card.So, usually in the mornings, the Internet light is red (all other lights are green) and I have to reboot the routers.The first thing you need to find out is if your signal coming into the box is dropping connection on you or if one of the boxes is causing your problem.If that is what you have been doing since my last post, great but I just want to make sure.

I keep randomly disconnecting from the Internet Post-Upgrade in Network and Sharing.

My VPN connection is randomly disconnecting. What can I do?

I should mention that our kids sometimes bring friends home, and when they use their phones, Nintendos etc on our network they do not appear to have any issues, so I am fairly certain this is not a problem with the router or the network itself.Isolation and eliminating possible problems ONE at a time will lead you to the fix.Troubleshooting Your Wireless Network and Internet Connection.I recently purchased a Macbook and it is having the same problem.Time Warner is my ISP. 1PC hard wired into the router and 1PC and 1Laptop connected Wireless.My husband and I seem to have an unusual problem with our internet dragging at times.

The Linksys router WRT54G2 that was use before for wireless access was using the same WAP access code as the WAP54G AP still being used, but did have a different SSID.How to remove the network from the list depends on what version of Windows you are running.Click on the word properties with your normal left mouse button and it will open up a box.If it truly does take 30m or so for it to reconnect after being disconnected, you for sure have something odd going on.It should automatically connect IF you have successfully connected in the past with this same laptop.